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Comparison AdvancedHosting with Hetzner
In comparison with Hetzner, AH offers cloud servers with much better networking possibilities and excellent billing visibility, more adjacent products, hybrid cloud solutions, and DevOps services. We also provide cloud servers in the USA and a free trial period.
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Our features
Better visibility of your cloud expenses
Unlike Hetzner, AdvancedHosting offers a lot more visibility on the cloud spend. There is no need to spend hours understanding the charges. The billing section is clear and transparent, and there are no complicated invoices. Charges for all products are clear, concise, and detailed.
Better networking possibilities
If you compare AdvancedHosting to Hetzner, you will clearly see that AH has better networking functionality:
  • You can create servers without IP for the full security of your infrastructure.
  • Private networks are much more powerful since it is possible to pick the needed internal IP addresses.
  • There is no need to do any manual work to activate a floating IP - everything works automatically.
  • A firewall feature for incoming and outgoing connections is available.
  • Anycast IP lets you assign the same IP to servers in the USA and the Netherlands so that your visitors are routed to the nearest location.
Unlike Hetzner that recently launched the Load Balancer product, AH does not offer it now, but its development is in progress.
Data center in the United States
If you target a global audience or have a business in the USA, using AH instead of Hetzner is a good choice. We are offering cloud servers located in Ashburn, Virginia.
Hybrid Cloud solution
AH offers a great product called Private Cloud. In a nutshell, you can rent a dedicated server and limitlessly virtualize it with the Websa platform's help. This product combines easiness of usage and flexibility of public cloud with dedicated resources' power and reliability. Both clouds can be connected via the private networks which gives you the ability to build a hybrid cloud infrastructure in the same control panel.
More adjacent products and services
In addition to regular dedicated servers, AdvancedHosting has Object Cloud Storage with S3 support and CDN for video and static files with 25 locations worldwide.

DevOps services are the cherry on the top! Do not have your DevOps team? AdvancedHosting offers a dedicated team of professionals on a per hour or per month basis. If you need a hand with the management of your IT infrastructure, AH is a great choice.
Free test
Unlike Hetzner, AdvancedHosting offers a 20-day trial period with a starting balance of $50. During this time, it is possible to test all products in the Websa panel - Public Cloud, DNS, CDN for static files and Object Cloud Storage. Try now it now!
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